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Yasharth infrastructures is constructing residential , commercial & industrial projects as well as interested to invest in real estate projects , that are halted due to financial or any other reason. Yasharth Infrastructures also plans for Joint venture & takeover of sick real estate projects from all over India. Yasharth infrastructures is willing to develop residential & commercial project in tie-up with land owners across all states of India.
Yasharth infrastructures is intends to achieve above aim on its own policies. Yasharth infrastructures will invest on its own terms & conditions and recover all investments by its own strategies. Yasharth infrastructures will not ask for any collateral security, return guarantee or any additional mortgage for its own investments. However, promoter will have to follow the guidelines and working strategies as suggested by Yasharth infrastructures up to the end of project. Yasharth infrastructures will make real estate investments on collaboration basis.

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Procedure for investment, takeover & joint venture as mentioned under -
(Details will be finalized on project to project basis which will be decided after acceptance of project for working by Yasharth infrastructures)


STEP: 1 Have a primary telephonic discussion with our officials, they will forward your case to top management to consider your case, and if they pass initial approval for your project then you need to talk with top management. Before that must be go through our website www.yasharthinfra.com very carefully.
STEP: 2 If management agrees then you have to sit at our office only at Vadodara and discuss the matter in detail. For that you need to take appointments over phone from our officials. Our top management will provide you ample time to discuss the matter and you need to carry all the related documents and papers of the project at the time of meeting. If our top management agreed to work with you, then an initial provisional agreement is to be made.
STEP: 3 Now you have to start doing the preparation work in your area under the guideline given by Yasharth Infrastructures.
STEP: 4 Once the said preparation will be completed Final Agreement is to be made and investments along wish sales procedures will be commenced.
STEP: 5 Our Company management will hold the sole right to decide

How much Amount is to be invested.
When exactly the Investment is to be made.
And when to pull back the amount out of the project.
Yasharth never ask for any collateral.
All the transaction will be done through Bank Only.


Pull out the builders / promoters from money crisis.
To ensure the return of investments of the financial institutions.
Indian common people can purchase property easily.
Money lending government institutions can secure their investments and ensure the return of their previous invested money.
Real estate ancillaries can rejuvenate their business.
Real estate mediators/ brokers can regenerate the business.
To supply fresh blood and oxygen to the sinking Real Estate Trade and salvage it from the disaster.

By all these factors Yasharth is trying to assist Indian economy by bringing the money flow in this trade.