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Yasharth Infrastructures also intends to take over the Unsold, Unfinished and Semi-finished Residential / Commercial projects from other Builders / Promoters / Developers. Interested Builders / Promoters / Developers from all over India are invited to become an Associate and take the leverage of this unique 100% Money Back Scheme.
It will help them to sell their unsold inventories easily and will bring back the money flow to the market and make the path clear for the future new development.
Yasharth Infrastructures offers to all Real Estate Professionals / Architects / Civil Engineers / Interior Designers / Suppliers / Land Owners / Land Mediators from all over India to become Associates to work on a lucrative and handsome commission based entirely on Sq.fts. basis. And it is a high chance for them to earn a fat commission.
Be our Associate in your area. Promote and Market our Money Back schemes in your designated area. Contact the Builders / Developers / Promoters. Negotiate with them as per our Guideline to take the leverage of our schemes. The commission amount will be calculated on total Sq.fts. basis.

Yasharth Infrastructures will have the full control over any deal between Builder/Developer and Customer. All transactions will be done under the supervision of Yasharth Infrastructures.
The Associates will do all the marketing and promotional work of their property in their designated area.
All the payments will be done by cheque to Yasharth Infrastructures and the Associate / Builder / Developers will get the lucrative commission calculated on Sq.fts. basis. The cost of project / housing scheme will be fixed up by a discussion on mutually agreeable terms and conditions and the total deal will be covered by a Written Agreement signed by both.