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First time in India, Yasharth Infrastructures has introduced a unique concept of 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE scheme with FLEXIBLE PAYMENT option for the property purchasers. This scheme can change the history of Real Estate Market in India. The 100% Money Back offer is with possession of the property forever in favor of property purchasers. This is entirely CUSTOMER-ORIENTED concept with three layers of benefits for the property purchasers.

Own a property with Affordable Payment mode.
Yasharth Infrastructures assuring 100% Money Back Guarantee on property purchase amount including the amount of Govt. Levies and Stamp Duties. That means property purchasers will get back 100% of their money invested to buy the property on the day of maturity making the purchase of property absolutely cost free to them.
Enjoy the appreciation of your property.


In brief, book your desired property. Pay the amount to purchase the property in Suitable and Affordable Payment Mode. The payment mode will be decided mutually between the purchaser and Yasharth Infrastructures. Payment mode may vary for different customers according to the financial capabilities of the individual. Yasharth Infrastructures also decided to pay back the Government Levies and Stamp Duties. At present, after implementation of GST, property purchasers will have to pay the GST on the property value, which has made the purchase of property even more expensive. Hence, to give the relief from this burden, Yasharth Infrastructures have decided to cover this amount under the 100% Money Back scheme.
According to the payments made by the customers, Yasharth Infrastructures will issue SECURED REPAYMENT INSTRUMENTS OF NATIONALISED BANK in favor of property purchasers which can be en-cashed on the day of maturity to get back their 100% money paid by them for purchasing the property including Government Levies, Stamp Duties and GST.

NO CASH TRANSACTION will be entertained throughout the process

This Secured Repayment Instrument of Nationalized Bank will have Nomination facility. In case of the sad demise of the actual property holder, the nominated person can easily redeem the instrument on its maturity day.